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Are you wondering how much a pool fence costs in Denver Prices can vary tremendously depending on the company you hire and the material you go with. We are a Denver fence company that offer free quotes on all our fences, to see what height you may be looking for as well as the length and design of your pool. We like to see your pool in person before making an uninformed estimate, which could leave you with a different bill than you originally planned on. We make pool fencing can be quite affordable, and it is an essential safety measure for any pool owner. Some neighborhoods in the Denver area have certain regulations that give homeowners an outline of requirements they need to meet when installing a pool fence. Some areas require a fence for every pool.

Some areas have codes for particular gate, latch and material standards, if you have children in your home. Pool fences can provide excellent safety for your kids as well as your dogs and other pets. If your pets are generally curious, you will want a fence to keep out your dogs and any other animals in the neighborhood. Having a secure enclosure around your pool leaves you to enjoy your backyard paradise and leave your stress at the front door. We have several variations made of high quality materials from strong mesh netting to glass or metal and everything in between.

​Many homeowners wonder if having a cover over your pool is the only safety measure you need to employ, but fence installation is arguably more important. While covers can deter leaves, nature, and neighborhood animals from your pool, only a fence can secure your family from an accidental fall or energetic child or pet. If you have an idea for your new swimming pool fence we would love to hear how we can help you bring your installation inspiration into reality.

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