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Privacy Fencing | Cost and Panel Materials

Cost of aluminum privacy fence options?

Is privacy fencing expensive in Dade and Broward? It tends to be on the higher end of the options we offer, but still quite affordable for the quality work we provide. The cost per panel is usually around $60 to $100 per panel depending on the height, design, and amount of panels required for your project. So next time you ask, “how much are privacy fence panels?” you will know that the cost of the material may be pricey but our clients focus on the craftsmanship we offer instead.

How high can privacy fences be?

In different zones of south Florida, regulations vary for height limits of fencing. Generally in the Denver area it will vary between 6 and 7 feet high for street facing sides of a home.

Decorative privacy fencing can have many designs and forms. We love to use aluminum as a go to material because of its versatility. With privacy designs, in slats and louver panel construction, there is little to no gap between each vertical or horizontal slat. This gives you and your family the peace of mind you want to feel relaxed in a space you can truly call your own. Horizontal aluminum designs are one of our most popular options among our clients. Though these designs tend to go up in price in Denver, there are affordable fence options available, even in privacy configurations. We aim to provide a superior fence product so that you don’t have to think twice about having us do the job. We only work with top of the line manufacturers. We are not the average picket fence company, though we do offer traditional designs as well. We want to go above and beyond for our customers to make sure they are just as happy about the results as we are. So why install a privacy fence? If an average design doesn’t give you enough of a sense of security, privacy fencing is always a great option.

For both full installations and repairs, across all of Broward and Denver Dade, we do everything we can to offer our clients their initially imagined dream result. Which privacy fence is best for you depends on a few key points. Climate and use of the fence are generally the main movers. Here is south Florida we have a more temperate, consistent warm climate throughout the year which is better for most fencing materials. We do still have to deal with factors such as high sun exposure, high humidity, high rainfall during parts of the year. These three factors are best handled with aluminum versus most other materials. Aluminum curbs rust, sun damage, and warping better than wood, steel, and some types of vinyl. The other benefit of aluminum over vinyl is strength. Aluminum is a hard metal, while vinyl is a hard plastic. PVC vinyl can be more cost efficient, but in the long run aluminum usually holds up better.

At Denver Fence Co, we strive to give our customers the best experience during installation with no contact installations available. We can do everything from the estimate to full install all at a distance.

If you live outside of the Sunshine State please be sure to visit our friends Rockhampton Fence Builder, for reliable, professional fence installation.

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